Practical English


Course Contents
  • Speech
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • speak with reasonable ease in structured situations and short conversations on familiar topics
  • communicate personal information to give simple descriptions of family, other people, living or working conditions, habits and daily routines, education background and/or job
  • communicate in a limited number of social situations using a range of functional language
  • exchange information to perform a task
  • give simple directions, instructions and explanations
  • give a short description or tell a simple story using simple and compound sentences
  • express simple feelings and opinions and establish a shared understanding
  • pronounce the sounds of English sufficiently clearly to be generally understood
  • display some control of basic grammatical structures
  • display an adequate range of vocabulary to communicate on familiar topics and perform simple tasks
  • manage the conventions of turn taking in short social exchanges, using simple techniques to start, maintain, and end a conversation
  • use a limited number of common discourse markers.

Course Fees
  • Normal Total Course Fee        :  Rs. 6,000/= x 04 ( Rs. 24,000/= )
  • Registration Fee                     :  Rs. 1000/=
  • Discount Total Course fee      :  Rs. 3,000/= x 04 ( 50% Discount Offer )

** This 50% Discount is valid only Until 15th of February 2017.
** 50% ගාස්තු අඩුකිරීම වලoගු වන්නේ 2017 පෙබරවාරි 15 දක්වා පමණී


  • Start Date                : 06th June 2017
  • Class Days               : Tuesday + Friday
  • Start Time                : 2.00 PM

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