English Courses at Londontec City Campus

English Competency has become a vital qualification in both employment and education in Sri Lanka.

Having the objective of providing a high quality English education, we have introduced many courses that support any age group.
New Courses for January 2017 intake:

  • Diploma in English (Spoken English + Practical English)
  • Diploma in IT and Practical English
  • Spoken English (Weekday / Weekend)
  • Practical English

For more information please contact our hotline.

Local Courses - June 2017 intake

Londontec City Campus offers an array of locally conducted courses for all age groups in many disciplines. The enrollments are now open for the June 2017 intake for Diploma courses in HR Management, Business Management, IT, Early Childhood Care and English.
Weekday intake - for Diploma in English, Diploma in IT and Practical English, Diploma in IT and Software Development, Spoken English, Practical English
Weekend intake - For Diploma in Business Management (Sinhala / English), Diploma in Human Resource Management (Sinhala / English), Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, Graphic Designing, 3D Animation and Video Editing,Practical Web Enginneering courses
Londontec City Campus is a pioneer in providing high quality education at affordable prices and flexible class schedule.

Local courses Diploma Awarding Ceremonies 2017

The Diploma Awarding ceremonies for local courses were held in April 2017 at the Londontec City Campus main hall. Over 180 diploma holders were awarded at the event.
Students who successfully completed the Diploma courses in Human Resource Management, Business Management, Marketing, IT and Software Developemnt, Early Childhood Care and Education were among the diplomates.
The awarding ceremony was entertained with speeches of gratitude, dancing and singing items by the students.
The next intake for local courses starts in the month of June 2017.